Carbon2Value: final symposium

June 22 | 13:00 - 17:00 CEST

Interested to learn how the by-products of steelmaking can be transformed into useful chemicals such as synthetic naphtha or bioethanol? Join the Carbon2Value symposium on the 22nd of June, 13-17 CEST! 

The world is committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mitigate climate change, while increasing welfare globally. By transforming towards a circular carbon economy, we can ensure all three. 

Transition towards carbon neutrality 

The European project Carbon2Value usefully repurposes the by-products of steelmaking that would be emitted otherwise. Through carbon capture and utilization, we will transition towards carbon neutrality by 2050, together. 

Final symposium 

In this symposium we will finalize the 5-year Carbon2Value project and discuss the outcomes of pilot studies carried out by ArcelorMittal, DOW Chemicals and LanzaTech. Key representatives will describe how their collaboration has led to two novel processing routes, which include steel gas separation technologies and carbon valorization towards synthetic naphtha or bioethanol. Besides the techno-economic outcomes, the results of environmental impact analyses are shared as well. 

C-level panel discussion 

The symposium culminates when executives of DOW (Anton van Beek), ArcelorMittal (Manfred van Vlierberghe) and LanzaTech (Babette Pettersen) join in a panel discussion with Tomas Wyns, Lieven Top (EU and Flemish policy makers) and professor Korneel Rabaey from the University of Ghent.  

Together, we will wrap up the afternoon and assess the next steps that are needed to realize a circular carbon economy. 

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We hope you will join us at the Carbon2Value symposium on June 22nd 13-17 CEST! 

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