Development and demonstration of low CARBON technologies to transform CO2 and CO streams from the steel industry into new VALUE chains

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1 July 2021

Carbon2Value: steel gas separation technologies and carbon valorization by transforming by-products of steelmaking into useful chemicals such as synthetic naphtha or bioethanol


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About us

About us

In this joint initiative, AM will lead a consortium formed by Belgian, British, French and Dutch partners to prove a potential reduction of CO2 emissions (30-45%) across the major energy intensive steel sector by demonstrating an innovative technology to separate CO2 streams and valorise CO and potentially CO2 in the future. Two valorisation routes will be studied during the project, i.e. ethanol as a drop-in transportation fuel and synthetic naphtha as a drop-in chemical building block. Collaborations with other programmes and job growth will be fostered throughout the programme area.
The objective is to demonstrate the potential of reduction of GHG emissions in the steel sector by 30+%, by implementing a cost efficient breakthrough solution for the separation of CO2&CO unavoidably emitted. This will be achieved by processing in a pilot line carbon rich gases into 2 streams, one rich in CO and another one in CO2 that could be valorised into promising chemical building blocks in the future. We will also take into account the reuse of any by-products to further induce fossil fuels’ replacement and GHG emissions reductions.


Experience the process

D'Steel waste gas from the blast furnace is directed to a Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) installation to separate Carbon Monoxide (CO) from the other gases. The PSA’s main output is a CO-rich gas which is directed to the separation pilot installation to produce a CO gas stream, which can be valorized via two routes:
1. Fisher Tropsch catalytical conversion to ethylene.
2. Biofermentation to ethanol On the CO poor tail gasses from the PSA and separation pilot installation tests will be performed using Clathrate technology, where CO will be separated from nitrogen (N2) and other gas components.




AM has partnered strategically with experts/technology owners: DOW is expert in CO2 separation technology & CO conversion technology. LT, DOW & UL will assess the quality of separated streams and their full characterisation for future applications, using existing (DOW, LT) and innovative technologies (UL). ISPT (NL), POMOV (BE) and UL (FR) will bring all the actors together to create awareness of the project and favour future roll-out of the pilot line in companies across borders AM and DOW are located on the Gent Terneuzen Canal (15km) enabling efficient materials transfer.

Interreg 2 Seas

With the support of Interreg 2 Seas

The Carbon2Value project has received support form the Interreg 2 Seas program. The total project budget is 10.5 million euros, of which 4.4 million euros ERDF subsidies. The project is focusing on a specific objective of low carbon technologies.

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